Short Film: Follow For Follow

Imagine if an Instagram influencer and a pagan demi-god joined forces? Well thats the elevator pitch for this slick dark horror comedy.

The score I created is centred around combining the world of trap and drill with the sounds and influences of Eastern Europe.

Production Music: Amity Music Library

Modern, unique Library music

Feature Film: The Library Boys

An award winning coming of age feature film about three best friends surviving their last year of high school

AD: Gami Unmissable Chicken Campaign

Working with Robert upward at Upward Studios, we crafted a quirky, in-your-face track for Gami’s “Unmissable Chicken” campaign that’s filled with K-pop and EDM influences.

TV: By Design

Main theme and background music for the By Design series of TV shows

Short Film: Sammy The Salmon

Sammy The Salmon follows the story of a closeted gay man who with the help of a talking salmon, navigates his complicated love life. This film is in equal parts whimsical, hilarious, thoughtful and moving.

City Of Melbourne's Christmas Festivals

Giant Christmas Tree, 10’s of thousands of lights, and a 20 Channel spatial audio system. What more could you want for Christmas?

Theatre: Everyone Is Famous

“Looking at persona in the age of social media, nine young folk wade through the wasteland of the internet to find themselves”

AD: AKU, Never Ordinary

Working alongside DOP Hossein Kohdabandehloo and Producer Chris Luscri, I created a hard hitting, Trap and Hip Hop inspired piece for the young and energetic sports brand AKU.

AD: Mountain Designs

“Reborn in 2019” Campaign

Bobby Bége

Pet project of Marlon Grunden and Bradley Price, Bobby Bége is a disco infused electronic duo from Melbourne Australia

Mix and Master: Mind Funk by pastels

Pastels Debut Solo Album Mindfunk

Mix: Looking Back by pastels

Pastels Lo-Fi track “looking Back” for 823 Records' “All Things Considered, Vol. 1” compilation

Short Film: Back Burn

A dark and distorted score for a film about struggle.

Short Film: Rebirth

Score for The VCA’s Masters Program.

Theatre: Dark Web Mystery Box

Songs and Sketches for Max Paton’s Comedy show, Dark Web Mystery Box