Theatre: Everyone Is Famous

“Looking at persona in the age of social media, nine young folk wade through the wasteland of the internet to find themselves”

Two years in the making and originally set to debut as a part of Next Wave’s postponed 2020 Festival, Eveyone Is Famous explores what it’s like to find yourself in the social wasteland of the internet age. The score was a collaboration between myself and Green Room Award Winner Justin Gardam, who was also responsible for the incredible sound design and audio visuals for the show. This performance was an absolute delight to work on, and I’m incredibly humbled to have supported such incredible Actors, Directors and Writers with my music.

The internet is the Wild West. Persona in 2020 is post-ironic, post-truth, post and delete, pre-apocalypse and politically charged. It is freeing, it is constricting, it is gender-bending/breaking/ignoring. It is Kanye, it is catfishers, it is up to you. It is an art. It is a career. It is breaking all the rules. It is more complicated than ever. In Everyone Is Famous, a group of teenagers pioneer this new uncertain territory on stage for you to witness with awe/shock/pleasure/horror/commiseration/empathy/lols.

Everyone Is Famous

Everyone Is Famous was written by Morgan Rose, and Directed by Katrina Cornwell