Composer || Producer || Artist

This is me

My love of Music stems from my love of sound in general. Growing up in a family of field recordists and musicians, I quickly learned how powerful audio can be in story telling. Soon enough I was writing music for media, and completed a Bachelor of Music Composition at Box Hill Institute (receiving multiple awards for academic excellence). I have worked on multiple projects, including short and feature film, TV commercials and even music for the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Display

Music for Media

My work has been screened all around the world, including at 5 Academy Award qualifying festivals such as London BFI, St Louis, Rhode Island and Flickerfest.

My music embodies the stylistic approach of combining field recordings, samples, traditional instrumentation and 3 dimensional space to create powerful, story driven scores and songs.

Producer and Songwriter

Collaborations come in many shapes and sizes, and I love writing with singers and songwriters on their own music. I’m working with many talented artists, including names such as Martika, Russian dark pop artist PSHONKA and my own dance project, Bobby Bege. Bobbebege

Multichannel Audio and art music

Pushing the boundaries of music is what I love to do best, and using technology to fulfil my ideas is extremely important to me. I use programming and audio technology to write for not only instruments, but multichannel audio installations and spaces. My work has been featured in performances such as the Swell 3.0 live music festival and city of Melbourne’s Christmas display.