Theatre: Dark Web Mystery Box

Songs and Sketches for Max Paton’s Comedy show, Dark Web Mystery Box

Although I don’t consider myself a comedian, Max Paton certainly does, and when he approached me about creating some songs and sound design for his upcoming comedy show, I was definitely thrown in the deep end. Like a lot of composers, I like to think of myself as someone who crafts emotive and serious art music for emotive and serious projects.

This was definitely not one of those projects.

Jokes aside, this project was incredibly rewarding to work on. Writing funny music can be hard, but with Max’s hilarious lyrics it was pretty hard not to be funny.

Max’s show was part of the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, however he is currently developing it further and will be performing it more in the future.

Max Paton

‘WHAT’S UP GUYS???' It’s 2021. Real life is banned and now the world is the Content™. Everybody is addicted, and the people behind it; grotesque and perverted creatures known only as Creators™™ vie for your brain space like politicians in heat. It’s a market so saturated it would take an absolute madman to start now.

Max Paton is that madman.

The content? This sketch show.

Ridiculous and unchained, Dark Web Mystery Box is the gloriously unfiltered braingasm of Max Paton. A fast-paced hour of twisted tomfoolery that will leave you sweating with exhilaration. An epic grab-bag of content so delicious that you’ll be smashing that LIKE button until your fingers are bloodied and dry.